Artist: Various Artists (1997)
Label: Subconscious Communications
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Nicholas

I am, in general, much harsher in my reviews of compilations than regular albums. This is because I feel that the compilers have an easy job in that they do not have to create any music but simply put it all together.  This is why I can not stand label samplers with every track previously released, since that takes no effort and does not benefit me at all.  With this release, however, cEvin Key compiles a CD of all essential material and even performs on almost all of them. The amazing disc begins with aDuck's "Power" and Philth's "Touched", from the first Subconscious release.  I was not able to get a copy of this when it was released, so I am ecstatic about hearing them.  This is also good for those who did purchase it but do not wish to scratch up their limited edition vinyl with repeated listens.  If you liked the first aDuck, there's another new one here. Also included on this fine product is a new download track, "zonk lift" which is an instrumental that would be at home on "eyes of stanley pain" with it complex fury of beats and sounds.  As for other popular Key projects, this CD also has TWO new Doubting Thomas instrumentals, one featuring Tom Ellard of Severed Heads. As a eulogy for the departed, there is a harsh Skinny Puppy track that would

fit at the end of one of their albums.  The Tear Garden put in two new ones, "georgie the parasite", a pretty track that begins with hard drums but melts into a spacey song, and "message 3" which ends the CD. This CD was the first taste of platEAU, whose "grasshopper" displayed the trancey drums and drones which would be their signature sound on "music for grass bars", and Kone who offer an aDuck-like track, "beflepia". Fans of Mark Spybey's noisy sounds and vocals from download are treated to a dead voices on air track, "glae bastards", which is a dark slab of noise and anger.

Is this CD prime electro/industrial? YES!  Should you buy it? YES! It has unreleased tracks from projects dead and new! Is it available in the US and Europe? YES! They have different art but identical tracklists.