Album: (Various Artists - 2000)
Label: Nilaihah
Style: Electro-industrial/Darkwave
Songs: 17


Reviewed by: Darklight

This electro-industrial, EBM and darkwave compilation offers seventeen excellent tracks by: Fiction 8, God Module, The Azoic, TNV w/Athan Maroulis, Distorted Reality, Inertia, Bio-Tek, This Ascension, Magenta, Heavy Water Factory, The Strand, Manhole Vortex, Autumn, Advent Sleep/Anita Haxsaw, The Machine In The Garden, Attrition and Oneiroid Psychosis.
      A lot of the bands on this CD are already well known and fairly popular amongst industrial/goth music fans. What makes this album so special is the fact that most of the tracks here are previously unreleased and exclusive to this CD. So even if you are familiar with a lot of these bands and own their CDs, you won’t be able to get these songs anywhere else but here.
       What this CD basically gives you is a phenomenal blend of electro-industrial, EBM and darkwave music. The variety included is simply amazing. Some tracks are dark, angry and aggressive with growling distorted vocals; others are clean and polished with upbeat rhythms and beats mixed with harmonic vocals; and there are even some moody, cold and haunting songs featuring beautiful female singing. It’s safe to say that no matter what style of industrial or goth music you enjoy, it’s on here.
       Since the full name of this CD is "Resistor: an electro dance compilation", you know that the music here is both electronic and upbeat. However, I wouldn’t consider everything here as dance music. There are a lot of fast paced moments to be found, but there are also a few mellow and moody instances as well. This is good for variety as even the most energetic dance floor stomper needs a rest from time to time. But in reality this music can be enjoyed just as much on a home, car, or portable stereo as it can be in clubs.
       What makes this compilation so great is the fact that each and every song delivered here is superb. There isn’t one that you will want to skip past. Also, they are placed in an exceptional order in which they flow extremely well from start to finish. However, there are a few that stand out in my opinion. They include: Fiction 8 “Let Go”, God Module “Resurrection”, The Azoic “Progression”, Distorted Reality “In My Dream”, Inertia “Regime”, Bio-Tek “Shield”, This Ascension “I Wish”, Magenta “Eccentricity”, Heavy Water Factory “Translucent Amber”, The Strand “Cleanse” and The Machine in The Garden “Control”. The bottom line is that this compilation CD shouldn’t be missed by anyone who likes industrial or goth music.