original motion picture soundtrack

Album: Various Artists - 1999
Label: TVT Soundtrax
Style: Techno
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

This CD features music from the motion picture Run Lola Run. Everything delivered here is fast paced energetic techno with some EBM thrown in as well. The frantic electronic programming is blended with driving rhythms, beats and beautiful ambient soundscapes. The majority of tracks feature female spoken word type vocals, but male vocals are included sometimes as well. There are also instrumentals not featuring any vocal work. The music delivered here is some of the best techno I've ever heard before. It's packed full of variety and unique twists and turns. It changes direction quite often going from pure dance energy to more calm and relaxed moments. There's a really good electro-pop song found here as well titled "Somebody Has To Pay" performed by Susie Van Der Meer. It gives variety to this almost pure techno CD. The only problem with the CD is that some of the same female spoken word dialogue is included in different tracks. But this doesn't take away from the album too much. The track layout is done well as everything flows from start to finish quite smoothly. As with most techno music, things can get a bit repetitive at times. But there's usually enough diversity included to keep things interesting all the way through. This CD will appeal to almost all electronic music fans as it combines just about every genre ranging from techno, electro-industrial and EBM to electro-pop. This would be an excellent CD for club DJs. It's also a good choice for anyone interested in quality techno music.