Album: (Various Artists - 1999)
Label: Cleopatra Records
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a compilation CD of various electro-industrial bands doing covers of classic Front 242 songs. The bands presented here are: ESKIMOS & EGYPT, VNV NATION, V-SEQUENCE, K-NITRATE, ELECTRO ASSASSIN, CRISIS NTI, MACHINE MANITOU, EARTH SHOCK/DJ BENT, TEMPER and TVOD. My question is where are the usual artists that do covers for Cleopatra Records such as: BANG TANGO, DEAD OR ALIVE, DIE KRUPPS, ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB, INFORMATION SOCIETY, RAZED IN BLACK and SPAHN RANCH? I personally feel that a tribute to Front 242 would have been a lot more interesting if non electro-industrial bands did the covers. Electro-industrial bands performing covers of electro-industrial songs just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. What this CD delivers are basically remakes of the Front 242 tracks "Headhunter", "Circling Overland", "Relgion", "Special Forces", "Quite Unusual", "DSMO", "No Shuffle", "Kampbereit", "Rhythm Of Time", "TV Station", "U-Men" and "Commando". Since all of these songs were good to begin with, all of these covers are good as well. The problem is that they just don't sound a lot different from the original versions. There seems to be more of a modern techno edge to them, but that's about it. The main problem with the CD is that most of the tracks are recorded at different volume levels. The song "Special Forces" performed by K-NITRATE is recorded low and muffled where it can't even be heard unless the volume is turned up. However, the song "DSMO" performed by VNV NATION is the complete opposite as it's recorded extremely loud where the volume has to be turned down. While most of the tracks stay at about the same volume level, there are enough here that don't to prevent this CD from flowing smoothly. The bottom line is that this is a good CD if you want to hear some of yor favorite classic Front 242 songs redone by different bands that include a slightly more modern techno edge into them. But if you have heard the original versions of these songs, then you have basically heard these versions as well.