Artist: Various Artists (1999)
Label: Subconscious Communications
Style: Electro-industrial
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Nicholas

This has certainly been the most eagerly awaited compilation in a long time, because it comes from Stefan, the man responsible for the high quality Off Beat compilations we all know and love.  It is also the first release (limited edition, at that) from his new Dependant label which may revive the European electro distribution scene. The good news is that these are all unreleased songs. The bad news is, some of them only count as unreleased because they are just remixes or verions.  Just to mention a few: The reports of a new Front Line Assembly song are false.  It is only a remix that was not included on "Rewind".  Another band that I was looking forward to hearing a new song by, Covenant, only presents a poor demo version of "Luminal" that is not worth hearing.  Thankfully Individual Totem (with a tribute to a father who recently passed away), Numb, and VNV Nation pull through with very strong electro pieces.  Veterans Click Click provide another good track, with big names :Wumpscut: and Suicide Commando each providing something new.  Velvet Acid Christ and New Mind only give us remixes of their popular material.  As for bands you may not have heard of: Arzt & Pfusch do yet another angst-electo with processed demon vocals track that seems tiresome after how much of that style I've heard recently.

Stromkern come through with a classically influenced electro song with nice vocals that has become one of my new favorites.  Also included is a new song by Pail, who you may have heard on the "Flatline" compilation.  They have a hard techno/electro sound going for them and provide a good remix for this record. There is also track from Mesh, whose synth pop sound does nothing for me.

If you are fan of electro, this CD has a surprising number of big name acts and will introduce you to who's important and who will be next.