Album: (Various Artists - 1997)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Style: Various industrial
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is the movie soundtrack for the film Spawn. The songs here are created by metal bands and electro bands teaming up to make electronic rock music. Song one "Trip Like I Do" is performed by Filter and The Crystal Method. The music is almost pure electronic with some guitar while the vocals are sung by Richard Patrick of Filter. It has an alternative vibe to it and is a good song that does rock. Song two "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" is performed by Marilyn Manson and the Sneaker Pimps. It's easily one of the best Marilyn Manson songs that I have heard before. It's so emotional and aggressive. While the singing is mainly done by Marilyn Manson screaming his ass off, the singer from the Sneaker Pimps does join in at times to speak softly with her cute little voice to give the song some variety. This is easily the best track on the album. Song three "Satan" is performed by Orbital and Kirk Hammett. This is an electronic rock instrumental with some samples as well. It's good, but would have been better with vocals. Song four "Kick The P.A." is performed by Korn and The Dust Brothers. It basically sounds like a Korn song with electronics. It features slight hip-hop style vocals mixed with anger and shouting put with sci-fi electronics, thrashy guitars and hard drum beats. Song five "Tiny Rubberband" is performed by Butthole Surfers and Moby. It's slow paced and funky sounding. The singing is annoying and the music is repetitive. Song six "For Whom The Bell Tolls" is performed by Metallica and DJ Spooky. This is an electro metal song that just never pulled me in. It sounds like a Metallica remix and nothing more. Song seven "Torn Apart" is performed by Stabbing Westward and Wink. This is a really cool electro rock song that pretty much sounds like Stabbing Westward with more techno style electronic rhythms and beats. It's another one of the better songs delivered here. It does stand out. Song eight "Skin Up Pin Up" is performed by Mansun and 808 State. This is a catchy electro rock song that could work great on the dance floor due to its energetic pace and upbeat rhythms and beats. Song nine "One Man Army" is performed by Prodigy and Tom Morello. The music starts off good with a dance style techno electro feel, but the rap vocals kind of ruin it a little. I'm just not into rap vocals and they do take away from a song for me. But it's still a good song if techno rap is your thing. Song ten "Spawn" is performed by Silverchair and Vitro. This is an electro rock song with an alternative and metal sound in one. It's a bit dreary and bland, but still does rock with anger. Song eleven "T-4 Strain" is performed by Henry Rollins and Goldie. This is kind of a dark ambient track with Henry Rollins basically just talking over the music. It's rather boring and repetitive in my personal opinion. Song twelve "Familiar" is performed by Incubus and D.J. Greyboy. This song has a dramatic and emotional vibe to it with clean music and well sung vocals. There is a slight hip-hop feel to this track, but it has melody as well with cool keyboard harmonies. Song thirteen "No Remorse" is performed by Slayer and Atari Teenage Riot. This is basically an Atari Teenage Riot song with Slayer providing the death metal guitars. It's very noisy and aggressive with screaming distorted vocals. It's good, but a little straight forward. Song fourteen "A Plane Scraped Its Belly On A Sooty Yellow Moon" is performed by Soul Coughing and Roni Size. This is the lamest track to be found here. It's a repetitive techno ambient instrumental filled with stupid voice samples. It's out of place. The bottom line is that if you like rock, alternative, or metal music with the combination of electronics then you will like this album.