Artist: Various Artists (1997)
Label: Re-Constriction Records
Style: Various industrial
Songs: 36


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a compilation album filled with 36 industrial and goth covers to popular TV show theme songs. I guess something like this is suppose to be taken as rather humorous. The problem is that I think this could have worked a lot better if more of the bands doing the covers took it a little more seriously and didn't seem to screw around as much. Most of the covers found here sound as if the bands just through them together as a joke. That's a shame. With 36 songs you do get some good ones and some not so good ones. This is a two CD set. I feel that Disc 1 is a lot better than Disc 2. This could be because Chase at Re-Constriction Records was the one responsible for compiling the material on Disc 1 while Rev. Jayson Elliot of Permission Magazine was responsible for compiling the material on Disc 2. Chase is known for compiling great cover compilations and he did a good job here as well. The songs delivered here that I like include: Numb (Mr. Roger's Neighborhood), Alien Faktor w/Pain Station (Laverne & Shirley), Institute Of Technology (Mary Tyler Moore), Christ Analogue (Happy Days), 16 Volt (Love Boat), 29 Died (Addams Family), Electric Hellfire Club (Charles In Charge), Kevorkian Death Cycle (One Day At A Time), Society Burning (Magnum P.I.), Terminal 46 (Three's Company), Idiot Stare (Brady Bunch), Cut.Rate.Box (The Jeffersons), Loretta's Doll (Scooby Doo), Kill Switch...Klick (Welcome Back Kotter), Ikon (Ballad Of Gilligan's Island) and Ex-Vato (Baretta). I like eleven songs off of Disc 1 and five off of Disc 2. The songs that I dislike include: Collide (Felix The Cat), Battery (X-Files), Hate Dept. (Facts Of Life), Oneiroid Psychosis (Dark Shadows), Pinchpoint (Dukes Of Hazzard), Apolitiq (WKRP In Cincinnati), Sweat Engine (Speed Racer), Liquid Sex Decay (Twin Peaks), Alien Sex Fiend (Batman), Haloblack (Fat Albert), Stone 588 (Creature Feature), Lick (Star Trek), Wreckage (Spiderman), Coin Of The Realm (Outer Limits), Triple Point (Dynasty), Dystopia One (Knight Rider), The Salonian Dope Gods (Maude), Sullen (Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman), My Glass Beside Yours (Muppet Show) and Sofia Run (Josie & The Pussycats). The songs that I listed I like are good serious aggressive industrial versions of the actual TV show theme songs that they cover. The songs that I listed I dislike all sound like humorous rock songs, experimental pieces, or instrumentals. The bottom line is that the idea behind this compilation of 36 songs might sound more appealing than it really is. The songs here are short. They each only run about two minutes in length. So even though it sounds like you're getting a lot of material, it goes by quickly. Songs seem to end before they should. Some of the bands here extended their songs with long intros and repeating vocals to make them full length. All of the bands here should have done this. This album just seems like something that you would get free for subscribing to a magazine or something like that. But with 36 songs you are bound to like something.