Artist: Various Artists
Label: Ballistic Test Productions
Style: Electro-industrial / EBM
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

This various artists collection includes music by: Non Revanche, Brain:Blood:Volum, Colossal Spin, Jagged Doctrine, Anaphylaxis, Static:Soul, Paradoxx, The Fleshpeddlers, Permanent Solution, Joshua Bourke, Substructure, Winterkiss and TCOB.

I personally have not heard of most of these bands, but they offer up some good music here. Basically, all of these bands produce electro-industrial/EBM. Some songs are extremely hard and aggressive with guitars, while others are darker and more moody primarily made with electronic programming, sampling and synths.

There really isnít a bad track here, but some do stand out more than others. I especially enjoy the songs by: Non Revanche, Brain:Blood:Volum, Jagged Doctrine, Paradoxx, The Fleshpeddlers, Permanent Solution and Winterkiss.

If you are interested in discovering some new electro-industrial/EBM bands, then this is a decent compilation to find some good ones on.