Artist: Various Artists (1995)
Label: Re-Constriction Records
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is one of the best Cyber-Core music compilation albums that you can get. With bands like 16 Volt, Apparatus, Colla Destra, Acumen, SMP, Society Burning, Tinfed, Hate Dept., Killing Floor, Skrew, Clay People,Chemlab, and Death Industry, how can you go wrong? If you have never heard these great bands before, here's your chance. Re-Constriction has assembled some of the best songs that these bands have to offer. They are a good representation of what the band's styles are. Even if you have heard these bands before, this is a great compilation full of excellent songs. You can't get these songs on any albums because they are all unreleased tracks and remixes. There's a good variety of Cyber-Core music on this album. There is heavy guitar driven punk style cyber music to Cyber-Core music with a hip-hop flavor.