Artist: Various Artists (1998)
Label: Middle Pillar
Style: Darkwave/Ethereal/Ambient
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

This darkwave, ethereal, ambient compilation includes unreleased songs by THE MACHINE IN THE GARDEN, 4TH SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE, UNTO ASHES, MORS SYPHILITICA, QUARTET NOIR, LORETTAS DOLL, DREAM INTO DUST, THE CHANGELINGS, THE MIRROR REVEALS, BACKWORLD, TOR LUNDVALL & TONY WAKEFORD, JARBOE, ATHANOR and ZOAR. Since the songs here have not been available until now, this is a good compilation album for both fans of these bands as well as people that want to experience some new gothic acts. While I'm not the biggest fan of this mellow darkwave style of music, I have to admit that what is delivered here is very well done. Everything has a very polished sound to it. For the most part the music is very dark, cold and haunting with an enchanting edge. It moves along at a very slow pace and creates mood and atmosphere. The vocals are primarily female, but there are male vocals at times as well. Everything has an ambient beauty to it that lifts you to another place and time. It's soothing and a relaxing listen overall. My main complaint is that while all of the songs are performed by different bands, they still sound quite similar to one another. But I'm sure fans of this music won't mind too much. Industrial purists will want to stay away from this album, but goth fans shouldn't pass it up.