Artist: (Various Artists - 1998)
Label: Cleopatra Records
Style: Coldwave/ Electro industrial
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album features various industrial bands doing covers of popular Metallica songs. It's a good concept that works well, but could have been done a lot better. My biggest complaint is that three of the songs are covered twice here. With the huge catalog of Metallica songs to choose from, there's no excuse for this. Secondly, there are enough industrial bands out there to do the covers. But two of the covers here are performed by RAZED IN BLACK. One would have been enough. As with almost all compilation albums, there are both good and bad tracks to be found here. APOPTYGMA BERZERK, SPEW, GODHEADS, THE ELEMENT, CARBON 12, BIRMINGHAM 6 and IN STRICT CONFIDENCE all do an excellent job here. Each of these bands bring an electro-industrial edge to the songs that they cover. They are exactly what industrial covers of Metallica songs should be like. However, DIE KRUPPS, RAZED IN BLACK, HELLSAU, ABADDON OF VENOM and LA HONDA MILITIA deliver lackluster efforts at best. Their covers are either too guitar punk style thrash, or stripped of vocals and made into repetitive techno instrumentals. There are enough good songs here to make this album worth checking out. Just expect to have to skip past a few bad ones to get to them.