Album: "Visual Audio Sensory Theater" (1998)
Label: Elektra
Style: Rock
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

VAST is the solo project of John Crosby. This album proves that he's a very talented musician that definitely knows his stuff. Each of the songs delivered here feature a lot of variety in the mix. I especially enjoy how John blends elements of orchestrated keyboard melodies, acoustic guitars, electronic programming, chanting, ambient sounds, etc. with heavy rock guitars, drums and clean singing. This is very emotional and passionate music with a touch of melody as well. Each song manages to sound rather unique and fresh, but still fit well with each other. Most of the material here begins soft and beautiful, but during their course turn harsh and brutal. The music soothes you and puts you to sleep just to explode and wake you up in a cold sweat. The overall vibe presented here is dark and cold with an angry edge. This is heavy rock music for the most part. Even with all of its original elements, it's still rather structured and straight forward. While artistic and creative, it still has a very commercial sound to it. There's a slight Alice In Chains feel to a lot of the tracks. I personally would have enjoyed more electronics and synths in this music giving it more of an industrial punch. But this is a rock band and not an industrial band, so I really can't complain. The bottom line is that if you want an original rock band that includes a variety of both aggressive and melodic songs mixed with various instruments, VAST is the clear choice.