Album: "Masquerade & Madness" (1996)
Label: V23
Style: Various industrial
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album seems more like a compilation than something put out by one band. No two songs sound alike. Although this adds variety, it does make the album seem rather messy. The first song "Blacksky" is your typical thrashy aggressive guitar heavy distorted Cyber-Core song that rocks and is actually very catchy. I like this song a lot. However, this isn't really what the album is all about. The next song "Pensamientos" is a very slow melodic song that is good, but kind of dull and drab. Then a slow and boring instrumental kicks in next. This is kind of how the rest of thr album works. You get a couple of more thrashy guitar heavy songs, slow melodic songs, and instrumentals. But the main problem here is that nothing really stands out. It's all fairly average and boring. Nothing really grabbed my attention. It's as if this band wanted to appeal to a wide variety of industrial music fans by including several different musical styles on this album, but none of it is that good. Nothing ever gets very exciting. Also, there are too many mellow songs and instrumentals. This is average industrial music created by a band that can't seem to quite make up their mind as to exactly what kind of music they want to perform. Maybe they'll figure it out on their next release. But until then, I would suggest that you try this album before you buy it.