Artist: Various Artists (2000)
Label:  Dwell Records
Style:  Heavy industrial
Songs:  12


Reviewed by: Darklight

It’s kind of surprising to see a tribute album for a band as young as Marilyn Manson. But with the current popularity of Marilyn Manson, and tribute albums in general, it does make sense.

This is overall a very good album. Most of the songs selected for this release are from Antichrist Superstar, and the bands doing the covers here do a great job of making more heavy industrial versions of the songs.

The following are offered here:

American Head Charge “Irresponsible Hate Anthem”
Bile “Tourniquet”
Broke Box “Cake & Sodomy”
Luxt “Rock Is Dead”
Alex Xenophon “Mister Superstar”
Broke Box “The Reflecting God”
Ophelia Rising “The Speed Of Pain”
Alex Xenophon “The Beautiful People”
Shockwerks “Man That You Fear”
Needulhed “Dried Up, Tied & Dead To The World”
Nocturne “Get Your Gunn”
Razorblade Smile “Antichrist Superstar”

Unlike many tribute albums, there’s not a bad track here. Also, the track layout is well done allowing the album to flow well from the moment you press ‘play’. I was a little turned off by Alex Xenophon’s version of “Mister Superstar” at first, but after listening to it several times it started to grow on me. Alex Xenophon actually does two covers here, even though they are the most obscure band of the bunch. While all of the other bands basically stay true to the original versions of the songs, Alex Xenophon completely changes them with only the lyrics being recognizable. Ophelia Rising offer the only goth song on this album with their female fronted acoustic guitar rendition of “The Speed Of Pain”. It’s nicely done adding a bit more variety to this CD.

This tribute album is a must for Marilyn Manson fans who want to hear some of their favorite songs covered by more underground heavy industrial acts. This would also be a good album for anyone who appreciates angry and aggressive industrial music.