Artist: Various Artists (2001)
Label:  Angelstar
Style:  Electro-industrial / EBM
Songs:  14


Reviewed by: Darklight

This Nine Inch Nails tribute from Europe features some excellent electro-industrial and EBM bands. It’s for this reason that I feel that this is one of the best NIN tribute albums so far.

The following are featured on this long player:

Y Front “Terrible Lie”
Akanoid “Sin”
Skorbut Vs. Kalte Farben “Into The Void”
The Ancient Gallery “Head Like A Hole”
Nerve Factor “Perfect Drug”
S.I.N.A. “Closer”
Yendri “Ringfinger”
Flesh Field “Heresy”
SMP “Wish”
Generated X-ed “Starfuckers, Inc.”
Imperative Reaction “Ruiner”
Cycloon “Happiness In Slavery”
Halo Project “That’s What I Get”
Chiasm “Something I Can Never Have”.

Every song here is good and placed in nice order, but there are some tracks that stand out more than others. I especially like Y FrontTerrible Lie”, AkanoidSin”, Nerve FactorPerfect Drug”, Flesh FieldHeresy”, SMPWish” and Imperative ReactionRuiner”.

There’s not really a bad track here, but I was a little disappointed that “Happiness In Slavery” and “That’s What I Get” were turned into instrumentals. They are good instrumentals, but I would expect covers of songs with vocals to contain vocals. Also, these two instrumentals are placed toward the end of the CD next to each other. I feel that they would have been better suited as opening and ending tracks.

If you are interested in a collection of Nine Inch Nails songs given an electro-industrial/EBM edge, this CD is for you. While I do like the tribute "Covered In Nails" a lot, I would have to say that this NIN tribute album is slightly better with more of an underground industrial edge that makes it more appealing.