Artist: Various Artists (2000)
Label: Cleopatra Records
Style: Industrial
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the music of Nine Inch Nails. On one hand I do like the ideas and structures of a lot of NIN songs, but on the other hand I don’t really care for Trent Reznor’s voice. So while I do enjoy a lot of NIN songs, they have never really impressed me quite as much as they have other people. But since I do like a lot of classic NIN songs, I was really curious to hear them redone on this album by other industrial bands.

This album starts off strong right from the beginning and continues to deliver great songs all the way to the end. Rosetta Stone opens the album with their industrial/goth take on “Closer”. While this is probably my least liked NIN song, I do like Rosetta Stone’s version as they give it a darker more gothic vibe while still keeping it industrial. 80's throw-back Sigue Sigue Sputnik take “Piggy”, another NIN song I don’t care for, and turn into an appealing catchy mid-tempo electro track with some good grooves and quality vocals. Razed In Black explodes onto the scene with their extremely energetic industrial/techno/trance take on “Starfuckers, Inc.”. Dkay.com/Die Krupps offer an angry and aggressive version of “The Perfect Drug” with frantic electronics, haunting synths and deep vocals. Candymachine 88 deliver one of the most original sounding songs here with their haunting electro-goth version of “Mr. Self Destruct” featuring the vocals of Tina Root (Switchblade Symphony). The Newlydeads offer what is probably my favorite song here with their energetic industrial take on “Terrible Lie”. This song is really great with creepy male vocals that talk out the verses and shout out the chorus’ while haunting electronics crawl in the background and superb guitar riffs chug. Meeks offer a noisy and chaotic industrial take on “Down In It” with some creative twists and turns thrown into the mix to make for an extremely entertaining take on the original. Pig creates a funky dark lounge version of “Head Like A Hole” with bass and jazz horns while deep male vocals croon out the lyrics. The song gets loud and heavy for the chorus. This song definitely stands out and is great for variety. Sheep On Drugs delivers a noisy chaotic and frantic industrial take on “Wish”. I like what they did with the song, but it does lack the dark, angry and aggressive edge of the original. It’s still energetic with some angry shouted male vocals at times, but the funky feel makes it sound a little more campy than I would like. 16 Volt Vs. Spahn Ranch create a mid-tempo upbeat electro track with some funky bass lines and whispered vocals for their version of “That’s What I Get”. The song gets a little more energetic for the chorus when the heavy guitar riffs come in. It’s a quality song that is well done and brings more variety to the CD. Shining offer a dark and haunting electro-ambient version of “Something I Can Never Have”. The music creeps along at a relaxed pace as the vocals whisper in the background. The song picks up its pace further on with drum ‘n’ bass and more energetic shouted vocals. It’s another well done song that is a lot different than anything else here. Interface Vs. Sinboy finish off the album with their heavy industrial noise take on “Reptile”. It’s an excellent, loud and chaotic song with eerie female vocals that talk out the verses and scream out the chorus’.

I personally feel that this a great Nine Inch Nails tribute album as all of the songs are a radical new take on the NIN classics. They sound fresh and new while still retaining the main ingredients that made the originals classics to begin with.