Artist: Various Artists (2000)
Label: Cleopatra Records
Style: Industrial
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

I have been a rather big KMFDM fan for quite some time now, and am very pleased with this tribute album. While Cleopatra does have its hits and misses with their tribute albums, this one happens to be good. What all of the bands here do is take the classic KMFDM songs and recreate them in their own special way while still keeping the true feel of the songs intact. This allows for a lot of variety.

Pig starts the album off with a rather slow and funky version of “Disobedience”. It’s a good opening track as it probably wouldn’t have fit anywhere else due to it being the slowest track here. Guenter Schultz (formerly of KMFDM) delivers a great version of “Light” with various male vocals and superb female vocals. It’s a very energetic track with a lot happening in it. Dkay.com/Die Krupps deliver a solid version of “Power” that isn’t too different from the original, but definitely has some new added modern sounds in the mix. Sigue Sigue Sputnik offer a rather funky electro take on “Virus” with robotically altered vocals. Razed In Black delivers one of the best songs here with their take on “A Drug Against War”. It’s extremely energetic and catchy with heavy industrial combined with techno. Rosetta Stone offer a rather dark distorted industrial version of “Vogue”. It’s good, but the vocals are a little too distorted for my tastes. 16 Volt Vs. Spahn Ranch do a version of “Don’t Blow Your Top” which is rather noisy and chaotic with shouted vocals and guitars placed over experimental electronic music. It’s interesting and entertaining. Sheep On Drugs create a noisy industrial version of the classic “Money” that is quite good, but too short. They should have extended the length of the song. Transmutator (aka Razed In Black) delivers a clubfloor techno/trance version of “Spiritual House” that features both male and female vocals. Interface Vs. Nick Shifter offer a rather upbeat and funky electro version of “Sex On A Flag” featuring somewhat rough male vocals. Inertia create an excellent dark sci-fi industrial version of “Juke Joint Jezebel” featuring the classic combo of male and female vocals. Shining do a version of “Megalomaniac” that is heavy industrial with both chugging guitar riffs and sci-fi electro sounds combined with slightly growled male vocals. The Filmstrip end the album with their electro-goth version of “Stray Bullet”.

If you’re a KMFDM fan and want to hear some of your favorite classic songs remade with a new twist while still sticking to their industrial roots, this album is definitely for you. It’s done quite well with the songs all sounding a lot different from each other, and placed in a great order with nothing that you will want to skip.