Artist: Various Artists (2001)
Label: Cleopatra Records
Style: Industrial
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

Since the original Covered In Nails album was a rather big success, Cleopatra decided to throw together this follow-up to cash in on its success. The outcome, while decent, isn’t nearly as good as their first effort.

This album feels rushed. It’s as if Cleopatra gave the bands a short time period to put together the songs as most of them just aren’t as creative and interesting as the songs found on "Covered In Nails". But this could also be due to the fact that a lot of the bands here aren’t as good as the bands featured on the original.

This album starts off great with an excellent version of “Terrible Lie” created by Guenter Schultz and En Esch. Then Razed In Black comes in with an outstanding industrial/techno/trance version of “Sin”. The Electric Hellfire Club deliver a decent take on “Heresy”, but it definitely sounds like every other EHC song before it. Synical offers a dark glam rock version of the song “Burn” that sounds too similar to Marilyn Manson for my tastes. Inertia deliver a lackluster cover of “Sanctified” that sounds like the band threw the song together quickly. The Filmstrip creates a rather dull and dreary goth version of “We’re In This Together”. The Lucifer Scale delivers a campy sounding loud and scratchy distorted version of “Last” that just doesn’t fit here. Necromantik Sunshine creates a great industrial/goth version of “Hurt” that is one of the best songs here. Nova Mortuba offers a funky ‘80s new wave version of “Ringfinger” that sounds completely out of place here. Stun Gun creates a dark and dreary version of “Gave Up” that gets aggressive for the chorus’. It’s decent, but has more of a rock edge than I would care for. Godbox offers a nice take on “The Only Time” with funky upbeat electronics and seductive female singing. Porcupine Defense delivers an excellent electro-industrial cover of “Reptile” that is easily one of the best tracks offered on this album. Goteki ends the album with their Marilyn Manson sounding take on “Suck”. It’s decent, but a little too glam rock for me.

The bottom line is that this is a lackluster release where most of the songs sound thrown together without a lot of time or effort behind their creation. The original "Covered In Nails" is a much better album in my opinion. If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your Nine Inch Nails tribute cravings, I would suggest getting "Closer To The Spiral" instead of this average, rushed sounding recording.