Artist: Various Artists (2000)
Label: Cleopatra Records
Style: Electro-industrial / EBM / Coldwave
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

Not only is this one of the best tribute albums Cleopatra Records has released so far, it might also be the best tribute album I have heard yet. First of all, don’t let the title “an industrial tribute” deceive you. This collection is so much more than just industrial.

The album starts off strong with Physical Attraction doing a great heavy industrial version of “Creeping Death”. Apoptygma Berzerk come in next with their excellent EBM club hit take on “Fade To Black”. Terror Test blast onto the scene with their dark heavy rock cover of “The Memory Remains”. Keeping with a similar dark heavy rock feel, Grope unleash their rendition of “…And Justice For All”. The Sandowski Files present what is easily one of the best songs here with their catchy electro-pop version of “The Unforgiven (Sinner Mix)”. The Element comes in next with their smooth and soothing electro-gothic take on “The Unforgiven (Saver Mix)”. Tennis offer a female fronted alt-rock rendition of “Low Man’s Lyric”. Naked Lunch bring the heaviness back to the album with their superb angry and aggressive coldwave take on “Shortest Straw”. Dreadline create an astonishing synth-pop version of “Until It Sleeps”. Innocent Blood offer a funky jazz take on “Enter Sandman”. While I respect their creativity, this version of the song just does not fit on this album. 2K deliver an enchanting darkwave version of “Mama Said” complete with beautiful female singing. Stigma deliver an excellent dark techno instrumental version of “Orion”. And finally 5 Blind Monks end the album with their dark ambient outro entitled “Acid Devil”.

Of the many tribute albums out there, this one definitely stands out as having some of the most variety and quality songs. If you have any interest in hearing classic Metallica songs redone in various different ways, this album is for you.