Album: "In Porn We Trust" (1999)
Label: Dune Records
Style: Techno
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Weird Uncle Betty creates fast paced energetic funky techno and drum & bass music that will make you want to move. The songs are layered with multiple electronic sound effects combined with samples, bass and percussion. There are no vocals in the songs, just voice samples. The overall CD has a sex theme to it as the title of the album indicates. There are plenty of rather funny named songs here such as "Sexorama", "Shemale Thunder", "Betty's Dirty Peepshow", "Sticky Fingerz", Wet'n Shiny" and "Rubbergirls" to name but a few. As with most techno music, these songs do get repetitive kind of quickly. Some songs are a bit more basic than others with the same sounds, samples and beats repeated over and over. These tracks do get annoying and cause me to skip past them. There are more interesting songs included here that have a lot happening in them and keep everything exciting. But unfortunately they only make up about half of the CD. For the most part this is somewhat typical techno music that has been done many times before. It's good, but doesn't seem like anything new or different.