Album: self-titled (1999)
Label: Razor Byrne
Style: Darkwave
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Wench is the darkwave project of the very beautiful and very talented Frances Byrne. What she offers on this debut are hauntingly enchanting electronic compositions. Her music is created with multi-layered textured electronic programming, beats, melodies and mesmerizing chanting along with angelic singing.

The songs offered here are dark and chilling with an emotional and passionate edge. Some tracks are slow and dreary, while others are upbeat. So there is definitely a good blend of variety here. These songs are similar to other acts such as Delerium and Switchblade Symphony. So itís safe to say that if you like those bands, you will like Wench.

Basically, this overall album creates a nice relaxing and artistic atmosphere that you can lose yourself in. This music will take your mind away to different times and places. This is a must for darkwave music fans.