Album: "Nomad" (1999)
Label: Pendragon Records
Style: Dark electro
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Xorcist is the solo dark electronic music project of Bat. In the past he has always made rather energetic driving electro-industrial music that packed the dance floor. This was especially true for his previous release "Soul Reflection". However, he has really changed his style on this release. This CD contains music that is comparable to Delerium. The compositions here are made up of dark melodic enchanting electro instrumentals with a lot of drama and orchestrated elements. The atmospheres and soundscapes are made up of mesmerizing synth melodies, while futuristic sci-fi electro sounds and drum beats overlay the harmonies. Some tracks contain spoken word, and others include chanting. The songs switch from mid-tempo beat driven tracks to more dark ambient structures. While overall the music is good for the most part, I just don't personally find it that appealing. I really liked the previous Xorcist CD, but this is too much of a departure from Bat's usual sound. With this big of a change in musical styles I would think that Bat would have changed the name of the project since leaving it as Xorcist is a bit deceiving. The bottom line is that this CD does contain some rather good music. Fans of dark electronic instrumentals similar to Deep Forest, Delerium and Enigma will be the most pleased with what is offered here. However, fans of past Xorcist material expecting more energetic electro-industrial music might be disappointed with this release.


Album: "Soul Reflections" (1997)
Label: 21st Circuitry Records
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 8


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album includes quite a lot of variety on it. No two songs sound alike. The first song "Anima" begins with traditional sounding electronic programming and synths while extremely robotically distorted vocals are placed over it. The rhythms and beats are very energetic allowing this to be a big hit in the clubs. The vocals sound a bit out of place because the music is dark, but the vocals are sci-fi sounding such as something you might hear in a techno song. But this is still a very enjoyable track due to the music being so good. Song two "Safuna" is a very energetic electronic instrumental filled with voice samples. The music just grabs you right away and makes you want to listen to it. Song three "Governet" is an amazing track that mixes dark emotional music with well done deep singing vocals that fit the song perfectly. Song four "Pool Of Thought" Is a short cold and eerie instrumental piece. Song five "Scorched Blood" has a Leaether Strip vibe to it. It includes a lot of layering mixed with energetic electronics, haunting synths and growling distorted vocals. Song six "Erlicheda" is an amazing instrumental track with very alive electronic programming mixed with melodic synths and samples. It would make for an awesome club track. Song seven "Stains" is the best track to be found here. It's dark, evil and psycho with chaotic electronic music combined with distorted singing. Song eight "Meditatio" is a very cold and beautiful instrumental track that ends this album perfectly. While usually I would complain about an album such as this that lacks vocals in most of the songs, the instrumental pieces here are excellent and actually work without vocals and do add variety to the overall album. Everything works here. My only complaint with the album is that there are only eight tracks. Also, I would like more vocal tracks of course. But this is still a very well put together album that will please electro industrial fans looking for something with a little more variety to it. You will not be disappointed.