Album: "Patchwork Of A Happier Place" (1997)
Label: Art Beat Records
Style: Coldwave/EBM
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

Y Front is a French heavy industrial band that mix a lot of diferent styles into their music. For the most part they create heavy industrial music with guitars. But they use electronics, synths and sampling a lot as well giving their music an EBM edge. The songs usually start slow with only electronics, then they explode into angry, aggressive assaults with guitars. This makes for quite an emotional experience. The band does like to do a lot of different things and experiment with different styles a lot which allows their music to come off as extremely creative. The singer likes to change his vocals a lot from song to song. He will be singing melodically one minute and then scream like a raving mad lunatic the next. The music follows this with being pure electro dance that then turns into harsh and brutal thrashing metal. There are even a few moments here where the songs sound rather gothic. I you like a lot of variety, this CD definitely has it. There is even a cover of DEPECHE MODE'S "Enjoy The Silence" here. If you are a fan of heavy industrial music with guitars and are looking for something a little different, this is definitely it.