Z.E.T.A. X

Album: "Feoh"
Label: M.O.S. Records
Style: Electro-industrial / Darkwave
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

I could tell from this band’s name, the album’s artwork and the song titles that the subject matter contained on this CD was going to deal with mystical/spiritual themes. While this is usually an instant turn-off for me, the fact that Gerrit Thomas (Funker Vogt / Fictional / Ravenous) produced this album made me give it a chance.

I would describe the music contained here a mix between Funker Vogt and Terminal Choice. Gerrit Thomas’ influences can definitely be heard throughout this CD, and fans of his projects will find this to be a good thing.

This band does a good job of including a large variety of different sounding songs here. Some are heavy and aggressive with dramatic anthem like melodies and guitar riffs. Others are slow and somber moody haunting darkwave songs with a lot of atmosphere. The vocals are clean and deep with an apparent German accent. They blend well with the music switching between both angry shouting and soothing crooning. The only drawback is that most of the lyrics here deal with things such as the universe, magic, wizards, demons, spirits, myths, legends, the Grim Reaper and Satan. If you like this subject matter in the music that you listen to, then you will appreciate the lyrics offered throughout this CD.

There’s a lot of emotion in these songs with a dark and dramatic orchestrated edge combined with frantic electronics. There’s not a bad track here. They each offer something unique and different that allows each of them to stand out. I especially enjoy “Cardinal Sins”, “Devil’s Touch”, “Stonehenge”, “Requiem”, “Crimes Of The Centuries” and “@ 2000 A.D.”.

This is a quality recording that offers a good helping of variety ranging from club floor EBM to mid-tempo darkwave. Fans of Funker Vogt and Terminal Choice will especially enjoy this disc.