A message from the staff of Wrapped IN Wire:

You've all heard about the Colorado high school shootings... Slowly the media is trying to provide insight into the event and "find answers". As with every tragedy, the average apple-pie american is "looking for answers". The answers lie with the shooters, but they're dead. And so the media tries to dig up whatever it can.

I've been watching 20/20's coverage, and they had a segment on "the underground goth movement", since supposedly the "Trenchcoat Mafia" called themselves goths. 20/20 pointed out how "goths" are into violence, racism, and self-mutiliation (blood-letting).

I believe this applies to a minority of people who are into the goth scene, but there are some sad souls out there who hate the world or hate themselves enough to cut themselves with razor blades, or even believe themselves to be related to some ancient species of immortals. The world does suck, but you can't avoid it by convincing yourself you're not part of the human race. You won't make the pain go away by cutting yourself, or blood-letting. To these people, I say seek help.

To the media, who may be reading this as research into "the goth movement" (as they've called it), the "Trenchcoat Mafia" shooters are no more representative of the gothic scene and lifestyle than John Wayne Gacy is to clown entertainers.

We at Wrapped IN Wire don't condone acts of violence or racism. We believe in the freedom to be different. The freedom to be open-minded. The freedom to make choices that don't follow in the footsteps of a fearful majority. While we might feel like we don't belong, the truth is we have the freedom to choose. It's our choice not to belong, therefore there's no reason to express violence towards anybody.

-Rabies & Clearstatik
Wrapped IN Wire staff

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