new issue

D . L . K . - The Hell Key - ' zine


D.L.K. 'zine, or Italy's biggest electro-industrial magazine, is back with its long awaited fresh off the press new issue #4 coming on light paper, cardboard cover, b/w printing, 44 pages and lots of stuff!

Finnaly OUT the brand new issue (#4) of D.L.K. 'zine featuring:

- Full Anti-Copyright Report:
-interviews with M.A.C.O.S., Anti©Front, K.L.F., Negativland
- more interviews with:
- Templebeat
- Trylok
- Gerstein
- Panasonic
- Hocico
- Deviate Ladies
- Audiofile Tapes
- A Different Drum
- Mutoid Waste Company
- Psychic TV
- Copy Art
- and last but not least: more than 200 reviews!!!

The brand new issue of D.L.K. #4 comes with a print run of 1000 copies and a wider circulation.

--- IF you are a BAND or a LABEL featured in D.L.K. #4 then please allow one or two weeks for delivery of your free copy and then let us know what you think about it! If you don't get it within 15 days please e-mail us and let us know.

--- IF you are a LABEL who's interested in collaborating with us by sending promotional stuff for reviews then please feel free to submit material (if you trust us) or to ask for a free promotional sample copy of our publication (if you don't trust us...)

--- IF you are willing to TRADE copies of D.L.K. with some of your releases/issued/products then please feel free to come up with your proposal and we'll find an agreement.

--- IF you wanna ORDER your copy now then please send DM5 (Germany), US$3 (Europe), US$4 (world) to our address:

D.L.K. 'zine c/o
Marc Urselli-Schärer
via Gorki 5
74023 Grottaglie (TA)

We also would like to point out that from now on D.L.K. will come out as "C H A I N D . L . K ." due to the new fusion and collaboration between D.L.K. 'zine and the webzine Chain The Door runned by Maurizio Pustianaz.

Also please remember than you can visit our website on the Internet at:
At this very URL you will find info about the fanzine, a webzine with reviews and interviews, an often updated news section, a real audio electro-industrial radio show, an on-line mailorder catalogue, a links directory and much more...

Please visit and support us and do not hesitate to get in touch to propose any new way of collaborating to support this musical scene!

Take care and let's keep in touch!
sincerely yours