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Sad but true, a Goth song parody
of "Bela Lugosi is Dead"

(source of parody unknown)

floating lifeless near the filter
aquatic pet
bela my goldfish's dead
he's up in ichthoid afterlife
a halo on his head
black gravel lines the shoebox

bela my goldfish's dead
bela my goldfish's dead

unfed unfed unfed
unfed unfed unfed

my fishy friend died from a lack of food
flush him down the sewers-a funeral so crude
contributes to my darkened mood
the carp-bela my goldfish's dead

oh bela...
he's unfed...




U.S. Techno-Industrial Deficit

A Goth Song Parody

Earth-Shaking Orgasms



Added July 11/97
Modified Sept 9/00