Industrial music can't really be labeled because it's so creative and experimental. Especially lately due to so many bands mixing quite a lot of variety into their music. I tried my best to describe some of the more standard terms used in industrial music today. You know what you like and don't like. I thought that by listing the style of music a band creates it would help you decide if it's for you or not. The following definitions are what they mean to me (Darklight).
This is a form of industrial music that features the rawness of hard-core punk music mixed with the aggressive guitar thrashiness of metal, and of course, synths and sampling. The music is created with guitars, bass, drums, electronic programming, synths, samples, and distorted vocals. This style of music usually features changing emotions through the songs. They will be relaxed at times, and extremely thrashy at others. This combination works extremely well, and keeps all of the music very creative. This style of industrial music can work both on the dance floor and in the mosh pit.
This is easily the hardest form of industrial music that there is. It's basically just straight forward power chord metal music meant strictly for the mosh pit. The industrial influences are barely noticeable. Slight touches of electronic programming and distortion are usually all that's offered here. The heavy angry power chord guitar riffs, slamming drum assaults, and raw throated screaming mad vocals are what take center stage.
Electronic programming, harmonic synths, samples, and drum machines are what make up this music. Sometimes sampled guitars are also added as well, but they're never the dominant instrument. This is the most dance style of all industrial music featuring very fast paced catchy rhythms and beats that lean toward techno. Vocals range from distorted growling anger to clean and melodic singing. Most electro industrial music sounds very futuristic with a slight sci-fi vibe to it. But there is also electro industrial music that has a goth edge to it featuring dark and haunting elements.
This is a very dark and haunting style of music. It's usually created with guitars, bass, drums, and synths. Sometimes electronic programming does make an appearance as well. Vocals and lyrics are very important in this style of music. The vocals consist of a deep voiced male, a beautifully hypnotic and harmonic female, or both together. This is very serious and emotional music. It can rock hard or it can be mellow. It can be angry or it can be romantic. But it's always dark, moody, and eerie.
This is the most mainstream acceptable style of industrial music. It's basically hard rock or alternative rock music with slight electronic programming added for sound effects. But the music is created with guitars, bass, and drums. The singing usually is not distorted. This is usually considerd commercial music because it appeals to such a wide range of people. These bands usually have success in mind and choose to play it safe by including enough real rock elements to appeal to the masses.
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