October 26, 2000

- Need something to do this weekend?
Watch goths get the sappy hollywood disney treatment in the Little Vampire movie. Then go home and kick some ass in Vampire the Masquerade computer game. Finish the night off by watching a little Vampire TV while sipping some
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October 19, 2000

Time to plug some bands:

- Not to be confused with Cleen, KLeen is a new 3 piece Industrial / punk / goth band from Los Angeles. KLeen has its debut EP and all info available on their website. www.kleen-la.com. (*If their lead singer splits off to do solo work, will that project be called KLeaner? -Rabies)

- In the words of "Octo-Pussy": Checkout these mother fuckers! Don't be fooled by the unusual cover art these guys ( Dupont) kick ass if you like old Nizter Ebb you love these guys. Their are the new guys on the block released on Life is Painful Records. Click here: New Releases

- And also from Octo-Pussy: Here are so really good EBM bands to check out if you haven't already heard of them these guys Rock sticking it staight to the gut and they ain't letting go. These beats are military if you like good old Nizer Ebb and Front 242 (like I do) these guys are for you! Click here: i o n i c . v i s i o n and Click here: proceedweb

- Claire Voyant "Time Again" is a Sacramento based dark wave band with three releases. Signed to Accession Records in Germany, home of Diary of Dreams, Haujobb, Cleen, Cut.rate.box, etc. Their third release is a collection of remixes from some of the biggest bands in the underground scene "Front 242, Covenant, VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, Love Spiral Downwards, etc". This remix album crosses every boundary from Trance to Goth. Stunning female vocals with danceable beats and soft melodies. Check out their web site for more information and mp3's www.clairevoyant.com.

- From Noxious Records: "BAY LAUREL is one of the best Goth rock bands ever. "WHERE PAIN COMES TO DIE" contains 10 tracks of ground breaking dark music that leads the gothic genre into a new era. The blend of the melancholic, sad melodies and the crushing production make it sound like nothing you've ever heard before. Prepare to get knocked off your feet by this absolute masterpiece." Noxious Records

- David Mellor's (ex Sol Invictus) website.

And to end this update... here's a site for someone who certainly is familiar with the word "weird"... go visit Agonyland


October 11, 2000

That's right, a friggin photo contest! We want you to send us photos that show you or something wrapped in wire. Be creative, be artistic, or be downright perverted, we don't care! Entries will be posted in our soon-to-be revamped Night Gallery and winners will get their image printed on t-shirts and other WIW propaganda. If you don't win, you still get exposure in the Night Gallery with credits and links. (Anonymity is still an option if you choose.)

The contest begins now. The deadline is "whenever". All entries get posted in the Night Gallery. Final winners will be voted on by you! (maybe)


October 10, 2000

The VNV Nation mini-review below has been updated with the correct information regarding their second-to-last song performed at the Toronto show. It was "Destillat" by Das Ich. Thanks to Rob for the heads-up.


October 3, 2000

All the archived news/updates are now indexed and fully searchable! (Used to be we were limited to indexing only ten pages. This is no longer the case.)

It's always interesting to meet people in "the scene", especially those who are inspired to contribute through projects of some kind. For example last Friday at the VNV show I had the pleasure of finally putting a face to the man behind ArtOfFact Records, and I also met DJ Antithesis and Jennifer Parkin. Antithesis has a radio show out in Waterloo, Ontario (some ways outside of Toronto) and is building up a label called Storming the Base. One of the first original releases, as I understood it, will be from Epsilon Minus, featuring vocals by Ms. Parkin. I had the pleasure of hearing the single "Wasted Years" and I can say it has real potential. As usual, we'll keep you updated!

October 1, 2000

VNV Nation logoVNV NATION - Final Show in Toronto
riday, September 29 was VNV Nation's last show in their tour of north america and I had the pleasure of attending. The venue was at Toronto's Reverb, home to the monthly "Darkraves" hosted by several of the scene's local "dark" DJs.
       The place was packed with, by my guess, anywhere between 300 and 500 people (I'm not sure of the venue's actual capacity).

Underworld Everything Everything Live tour As with all live shows I've ever attended, the band didn't come on until an hour and a half after they were scheduled to start. Prior to that, we were treated to about an hour of concert footage from Underworld's Everything Everything live tour DVD which is soon to be released. Though Underworld is a little more upbeat than most of the music rivetheads and darkravers listen to, it was a very energetic and great prelude to VNV's show. You can view the video for Cowgirl by clicking here. (Note: you need a cable or DSL connection to properly view this RealVideo clip.) This video was available at the door for free on mini "card" style CD-ROMs.

Finally, the stage was fogged, and VNV's accompanying video footage began being projected on the wall at the back of the stage. Ronan Harris and Mark Jackson then took the stage and the show got off to a great start. All of the songs "performed" were upbeat, danceable versions of tracks off of Empires. The light show was quite good for this size venue, and complimented the music perfectly. If one word could summarize the show, it would be "energy". The crowd was pumped and danced like mad to every song. Ronan interacted alot with the crowd and seemed genuinely pleased with the turn-out and enthusiasm of the audience.
       As seems to be mandatory with every live show, VNV "pretended" to end the show rather soon, only to be brought back for a lengthy encore. The real end of the show saw them "perform" their remix of the excellent club track by Das Ich, "Destillat". And I use the term "perform" loosely, because VNV wasn't really performing live to begin with. All the music was played off of DAT, while Ronan's vocals were live. Jackson's presence consisted of him playing a set of digital drums, but it was easily noticeable that his drumming didn't sync to or produce sounds in the songs. And thus, when it came to the cover song, the music was exactly like the original remix, but with Ronan singing live.

Despite the lack of live instrumentation, the show was great on all counts, ending with "Saviour". The band, the audience, the music all energized each other and a good time was had by all.