April 27, 1999

6 new reviews added to the Music Exile.

:::::TOURING NEWS:::::

-Rammstein will be touring the US again starting June 1st.


April 26, 1999

Note from Rabies: I've been experimenting with different formatting styles for the news here. Please send me your feedback on what you prefer.

from Real Synthetic Audio, April 17th:

- Dorsetshire
- Hate Dept.
- VNV Nation
- Klinik
- Collide
- Holocaust Theory
- Crocodile Shop

Tidbit: Real Synthetic Audio gets about 125 visits per day.  Whoo hoo!

from DSBP:

CYBOnetix is out now!!

-  To improve sales for his label, Tommy T is selling a list of used and new cds for good prices (as low as $5.)

-  Join the DSBP mailing list and support the scene!!

from Alien8 recordings:

-  Alien8 recording has released a cd from a band called Knurl with a cd called "Torus". They are an experimental band from Toronto, Canada.

-  Another release is Alexandre St-Onge's "Image / Negation" This is an experimental solo-project.

-  Release soon to come from this label will be from Merzbow and David Kristian.  Look for them around May 1st.

:::::MAIL ORDER:::::
from TRYLOK:

-  This is a mailing list that sells electronic music on cds.  They will also promote cds that you want to sell.  Check out their site at:

while listening to Purr Machine - "Speak Clearly"
and Chemlab - "East Side Militia"

April 23, 1999

2 new reviews added to the Music Exile.

April 21, 1999

EXCLUSIVE: Thanks to Nick, we are proud to be first to review the newest and last KMFDM album, "ADIOS"! Click here!

-On this day, we had put up a statement in regards to the Littleton, Colorado high school shooting: Click here to read it.

April 20, 1999

- The very last KMFDM album, "Adios" was released today.

April 18, 1999

 People, you can make your own cd trade list to be posted on our site.  This is cool, because you can sell or trade cds with other people online.  Hey, you may even make a friend. Just email the list to Rabies.

from Chain D.L.K.'s zine, April 5th:
Chain D.L.K. zine is looking for bands to put on their new, upcoming cd compilation.  For more information contact Chain D.L.K..

from Real Synthetic Audio, April 10th:
-  Last week's show is Special!!  DJ Todd interviews Chase, the infamous owner of Reconstriction Records.  The interview is an hour long. Check it out!

from Decoded Feedback site:
Decoded Feedback is now finishing up "EVOLution".  The cd has remixes by groups like Funker Vogt and Aghast View, plus 6 new songs.

-  They are trying to make a mini tour in the west coast.

from Metropolis Records:
Metropolis will release Front Line Assembly's "Prophecy" on April 20th, and "Implode" on April 27th.

-  The tour for Clan of Xymox is now definitely cancelled! There's possibility of a tour in the summer.

-  Upcoming cds from Metropolis include bands like Covenant and Plateau (Cevin Key).

from Diatribe fansite, January 19th:
-  Yes, January. I thought I'd post this because I hadn't heard anything about this until I saw this site. Apparently, Diatribe has called it quits! : (

while listening to Android Lust - "evolution"-- suffer the flesh

April 14, 1999

5 new reviews added to the Music Exile.
(4 by Darklight and 1by Nicholas)

April 11, 1999

Added some CDs to my Trading Post Nuclear sale list (Rabies), as well as adding a list of CDs sold by our new reviewer Nick Ferro. -WELCOME ABOARD NICK!

-Updated DJ TODD's top 10 list in the sidebar. -->

April 10, 1999

Playlist Real Synthetic Audio, April 4th:

- Strategy
- Wumpscut
- Talamasca
- Xorcist
- Gridlock
- Cleen

from Serendib:

- Check out this show on the internet with Real Audio.  This show
plays great industrial music, on Friday nights from 10pm to 11pm (central time). The URL is: Just follow the instructions.

from Android Lust website:
Android Lust's EP, "Evolution" should be out this month.

from Bile website:

Krztoff, from Bile is working on a solo album.

from Clan of Xymox website:
Clan of Xymox's new album, "Creatures" is out.
- They planned a tour with Project Pitchfork, but the idea was
canceled. CoX still plan on touring the US in the near future.

from Luxt website:
Luxt will be on tour during April / May.

from KSM Records:

- KSM Records are looking for bands to submit songs for their new, up and coming compilation called "Black Planet". They have bands like Noxious Emotion on the project. To get more information on submissions, please contact:


April 7, 1999

from Cop International:

- A new band has joined the COP family.  This group is called Nerve Factor; they are said to be 'aggro-electro'.

Soil & Eclipse have just finished an album called "Meridian", to be released in the near future.

The Razor Skyline plan to have a new album out this May called "Fade & Sustain".

Signal 12 (Oneiroid Psychosis side project) is being completed.

- Index has a side project coming out called "Skylash".



-  Apparently there is a new Killing Floor site.  Check it out at

~Clearstatik, while listening to Phallus Dei, "Circles on Circles"


April 5, 1999

5 new reviews added to the Music Exile.


KDC is now a 2 man act.  The remaining 2 (the originators) would like to thank the 3 members (who left), for their friendship and support. (I guess we can assume it was an amicable split?)

- They've been working on new material since late February.

The Crüxshadows have just released a limited edition EP.

from DSBP:
- New releases available from DSBP, by THD, Xorcist, Gridlock,
Mind Flux Funeral, Thine Eyes, and Undercurrent.

DSBP now have 180 different cds available!

Twilight Circus is going on tour with The Legendary Pink Dots. They will tour Europe and possibly the US in late 1999.

Real Synthetic Audio, March 28:

- VNV Nation
- Wumpscut
- Din_Fiv

- Numb


April 1, 1999

GREAT NEWS! Wrapped IN Wire was just acquired by Metropolis Records!! From now on we will be reviewing ONLY Metropolis artists. We're also changing our ratings format. Instead of A, B, C, D, and F we will now only have A. Hopefully this will simplify things for everybody.

*Note:The above was April Fool's bullshit*

- Frontline Assembly will be headlining a tour with Spahn Ranch and Switchblade Symphony in April and May. Hopefully I'll see the show in Philly, May 7th. :-P

- En Esch is working on a project with Trixie Reiss (Crystal Method.) The project is called Barely Legal. Not much information has been released on this project. I will keep you up to date with itís happenings.

From Dimitri of
- Front 242 is gonna work on new material for a new full-length album in April.

-Also there's a great limited edition "fan" CD in the works called "Modem Angels". Only 242 CDs will be manufactured.
*Note: SOLD OUT*



* * *