S A B O T A G E - I N F O L E T T E R - 01/27/98

- SABOTAGE took out a patent for their name, which included not only the music production, but also media and marketing activities. For this, the band name is written without the "-Q.C.Q.C.?", or "-QU'EST-CE QUE C'EST?"

- Work title for the new SABOTAGE-ALBUM is "PUPPETMASTER", referring to the manga cult movie "GHOST IN THE SHELL". It will again produced by DANIEL B and PATRICK CODENYS of FRONT 242, first REMIXES have been already done by DJ ANTITHESIS, DJ FABBA, AGHAST VIEW, GRISHA and PANKOW.

The album is planned to be released in summer 1998, but some of the new material was already presented in Nov. and Dec.'97 during the successful TOUR with F242, which already gave the audience a first impression of how the band will develop and partly change their sound.

- SABOTAGE compile a CD-sampler with "YOUNG FEMALE INNOVATORS" of the music-scene, which will be powered by HUGO WOMAN Perfume and is released via SONY SPECIAL MARKETING in august'98.

Motto is : "Don't imitate - innovate !". Bands with female singers and female artists who are interested to participate can send their material to:

P.O.B. 40 13 71

- New LABEL again...At the moment SABOTAGE are checking various offers fr om labels, but there will no decision be made before march this year on who the new partner will become.

- For the various marketing activities of SABOTAGE, a new company was founded SABOTAGE-CONCEPT. Different media areas are combined here to a "CROSS-OVER-MARKETING" and includes also, promotion, concept development and events.

If you are interested to get in touch, contact above mentioned SABOTAGE-CONCEPT-adress. Successful cooperations have already been done with PRINGLES, POPKOMM, BOSS ELEMENTS, TOPWARE CD SERVICE AG, HUGO WOMAN, WASH&GO!, SONY BROADCAST, a.m.m.

- In the last four weeks SABOTAGE made REMIXES for the swiss artist LACRIMOSA, the austrian band TRYLOK, the brasilian AGHAST VIEW and the turkish synth-popband YILDIRIM.

-The official SABOTAGE-HOMEPAGE is completely new designed and updated, check it out !


Also new features You can find at the american homepage made by DAVE SCOTT:


- Through SABOTAGE-MAILORDER you can now get a SPECIAL EDITION of "GODDESS (CDS)" und SCHLAGER (CDS), which is not out in stores. Winter is back: Also some pieces of the kangaroo-sweatshirts is available again. Place Your order at:

P.O.B. 40 13 71

- A TOUR in the USA still this year is currently planned, maybe together with FRONT 242. The band also works on a video for one of the new titles (RUSS MEYER) and they are working on a brand new live presentation, which will also includea DJ, percussion and guitar.